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A discription of what The Mardia Group Property Management Dallas does and where we started

Welcome to The Mardia Group Property Management


Achieving true distinction in Property management can only come from years of dedication and success. Since 1978, Joyce Farr devoted herself to serving the Dallas, Fort Worth real estate market. She managed high profile real estate transactions and delivered consistent services for all of her clients. With Joyce Farr, you could expect nothing less than a seasoned team of experts that would offer around the clock communication, unsurpassed market knowledge and a selection of tools and resources that enhance every step of the experience.


Here at The Mardia Group we have taken Joyce's commitment and dedication and applied it in the Property Management Dallas area, as a licensed real estate and property management company. We offer a variety of property management services in the Dallas, Fort Worth area including managing Properties, Furnished and Unfurnished Single Family Homes, Town Homes, Individual Owners, Corporate Owned, and evictions. You can can find these and more services we offer at


Our goal is to provide our clients with fast, reliable service that will yield the greatest value. Relying on an outstanding level of cooperation, expertise and an unrelenting desire to succeed, our clients' needs are always satisfied.


We have developed a unique structure to optimize any single family rental property and obtain the maximum profitability you deserve. Whether you want to use your earnings for personal finance or continue investing in new properties, The Mardia Group will take you where you want to go.


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